New: "Wee Dram" mini-Glencairn Glass from Scotland
New: "Wee Dram" mini-Glencairn Glass from Scotland
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Designed by Victoria Bauscher, this limited edition engraved Mini-Glencairn Glass commemorates the release of our private barrel Young Americans rum!

Young Americans features two of the hottest young distilleries in America, Privateer Rum Distillery and New Riff Distilling Co. The design of the glass reflects the actual production of the spirit: the ship represents the Privateer rum spirit housed inside a guitar representing the New Riff barrel.

The Young Americans glass is a genuine crystal "Wee Dram" mini-Glencairn glass specially imported from Scotland and rarely seen in the United States. All of our Glencairns share the following characteristics:

Tasting Size : Its smaller size is perfectly suited for sampling spirits or conducting flights of spirits.  The standard size Glencairn was designed for the optimal air-to-spirit ratio for 2 ounce servings, and this Wee Dram is optimized for 1 ounce servings.

Volume Markings : These markings indicate the volume of your pour! The Mini-Glencairn has hashmarks at 1/4, 1/2 3/4 and 1 oz. 

Numbering : Engraved numbers help you keep your spirits straight when conducting side by side comparisons or flights.  If you order multiple glasses, you'll receive a set with sequential numbers starting from the number 1 (please specify if you want a different set of numbers)

Note: This item is only available for local pickup in the Waltham/Lexington area - sorry, no shipping available.

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